How to get Better Sleep

How to get Better Sleep

Everyone has been there. Wide awake, tossing and turning, wondering if you're the only one awake in the world. Don’t worry, you definitely aren’t.

In fact, the number of Google searches for "insomnia" peaked in 2020. Work, screens, and the long-term stress of the pandemic are all interfering with our sleep.

We all deserve the rejuvenating, restorative sleep we require to face the world. Here's how to get some.


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The Benefits of Beauty Sleep

The 24-hour internal clock known as your sleep-wake cycle is your circadian rhythm. While we sleep, our skin does the hard regenerative work beneath the surface. Our body temperature drops, we flush out toxins, our hormones rebalance, and blood flow to our skin increases, which aids in collagen regeneration.

The rumours are true: beauty sleep exists. We need seven to nine hours of beauty sleep per night for our bodies to do all of this behind-the-scenes work that keeps us feeling rested and looking good.

Here’s just some of the ways sleep is great for your skin:

  • Reduces stress: Sleep helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation, both of which can improve the appearance of the skin. Stress can cause the skin to appear dull and wrinkled, so getting enough sleep can help to keep the skin looking healthy and youthful.

  • Boosts circulation: Blood flow to the skin increases during sleep, which can help to nourish and moisturise the skin. This can aid in the appearance of healthy, radiant skin.

  • Repairs damage: During sleep, the body's natural repair processes are more active, which can aid in the repair of skin damage caused by environmental factors such as pollution and UV radiation.

  • Regulates oil production: Sleep can aid in the regulation of oil production in the skin, which can aid in the prevention of breakouts and other skin problems.

Here's how to get into a better (circadian) rhythm, with simple steps for each stage of your sleep journey.

The Routine Reassessment

The first step toward peaceful sleep is to pay attention to your routine. Maybe give up some bad habits? A few minor changes can go a long way.

Drink Smart

When you're tired, skipping coffee may seem impossible, trust me we know! Avoiding caffeine, sugar, and alcohol will help when it comes to getting to sleep. If it’s impossible for you to skip these all together (as it is for us most days!) just be mindful of when you’re consuming these drink and try your best to save them for earlier in the day.

Even if we sleep for eight hours, alcohol affects the quality of our sleep and can cause us to wake up earlier. Alcohol is also a diuretic, which means we lose fluid through sweat and become dehydrated, causing our skin to lose its radiance.

Ditch the Tech

As tempting as it is, staring at screens late at night is not the solution to a peaceful slumber. Screen light exposure disrupts the circadian clock by strongly stimulating certain blue-sensitive cells in the retina. The blue light from our screens tricks our brain into thinking it's daytime. There is no melatonin production, and thus no sleeping. Binge-watching also changes the time we go to bed and thus the amount of sleep we need to maintain our daily balance. 

Again, this is a hard one! If you can’t skip out on your nightly doom scroll, try setting up night mode on your device to reduce your blue light exposure.

Upgrade your Bed

A comfy bed makes all the difference to a great night’s sleep. Comfort means something different to each of us so try out mattresses, blankets and pillows until your find you dream bed! We’d recommend checking out silk pillowcases as they have some great skin benefits!

Count your Sleep

Don't let your circadian rhythms become too kooky. These biorhythms regulate when we feel sleepy and awake. Pay attention to your sleeping and waking patterns and make a commitment to going to bed and waking up at the same times every day. That means making plans that won't destroy you. Variations in sleep times from weekdays to weekends cause a phenomenon known as social jet lag. When you have to go back to work on Monday (and push your bedtime back), you feel crappy and are more likely to get sick.

So, reserve bedtime spontaneity for special occasions.

Prepping for a Great Night’s Sleep

Ok, let’s say tonight’s the night you sleep like a baby. You’ve got the right quality sleep attitude, but how do you get in the zone?

Take a Relaxing Shower or Bath

A relaxing bath routine is the best way to unwind before bed. To transport yourself to that special place, select heavenly-scented bath bombs, bubble baths or whatever get you nice and relaxed. Warm water, 90 minutes before bed, according to science, helps our body temperature reach its ideal sleepy temperature.

Bring Home the Spa Vibes with a Sensual Massage

You ou could improve your sleep even more by connecting with yourself. Touch, especially self-loving touch, is known to increase levels of oxytocin, a love hormone that helps us relax. So, after a long shower or bath, keep your sensory sleep routine going with a snooze-inducing body massage.

Breathe in a Calming Scent

Our sense of smell is close to our brains. When we give our nose something it likes to smell, our brain can slow down and prepare us for sleep. We've gathered some of nature's most calming scents in our Glow to Bed Restful Sleep Candle. To help you sleep, just light this candle to infuse your bedroom with a nighttime olfactory treat.

Get your Night Time Skincare Routine in Shape

Overnight care is essential for a night of properly restorative beauty sleep, so let our skincare heroes work their magic while you catch Zzz’s.

Massage in our Snooze Serum

Each drop of this repair potion targets resurfacing, hydrating, and cell turnover for a youthful morning glow — so you can forget about fine lines and wrinkles. An added bonus: all-natural valium to help you fall asleep (while your skin falls in love).

Slather on our Overnight Transformative Mask

This dreamy masque will repair and restore your skin overnight. Featuring natural ingredients like squalene and vitamin E that lock in moisture, soothe irritations, and smooth fine lines and scarring. Plus, valerian root to ease you into your deepest slumber. 

Help Battle Blemishes while you Snooze with our Overnight Hydrafoliate Oil

The Overnight Hydrafoliate Oil is like a tall drink of water for sleepy skin. Its plant-powered formula restores your skin’s natural moisture barrier and boosts cell turnover. The result? Morning skin that feels exfoliated, hydrated, and oh-so-refreshed. 

Completely Unwind with our Under Eye Eraser Eye Mask

These collagen-infused eye patches hold gels, serums and eye cream close to the skin to diminish wrinkles and fine lines. Each Earth Friendly, medical-grade silicone patch dissolves deep into your pores overnight for a plump, youthful glow protecting the delicate skin around your eyes from wrinkles and collagen breakdown.

It’s like Under-Eye Filler - without the Needles!

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