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Me Time - Accessory Bundle

Me Time - Accessory Bundle

Cleansing Mitt

This fast-drying, ultra-soft microfiber towel mitt helps lift away face masks, makeup, dirt, and oils. The fine fibers gently exfoliate the skin in a non-abrasive manner. Machine washable, eco-friendly, and lightweight to take on the go. 

  • Remove makeup or clay mask residue easily
  • Machine Washable and durable enough to reuse up to 500 times


Put your hair back and expose your beautiful face for a truly spa-like experience. This luxurious microfiber plush is extremely soft and has a strong Velcro grip that fits comfortably on your head, keeping your hair neat and away from the face. 

  • super plush material
  • machine washable & reusable for more than 500 uses

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